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Cost Cutting - Electric Vehicles In The Courier Industry

Over the last several years, the world has been doing everything it can to look after the environment. Global warming has been a major issue for quite a long time and industries like the courier industry, which is known to be one of the biggest pollutants and one of the major causes of climate change, have been looking at ways in which they are affecting the environments and are moving away from vehicles that depend on fuel to electric transport. The electric vehicles that we see on the roads today run on battery life however, to make up for the short range; these vehicles are supplemented with gasoline. It is safe to say that electric vehicles in the courier industry reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and many other chemicals emitted by using fuel. Such a positive move can only make the environment safer and help tackle the bigger issue which is global warming.

Pros of using electric vehicles in the courier industry

1. The first major benefit of electric vehicles is that they are energy efficient. Electric vehicles covert between 60% to 62% electrical energy from the grid to power up their wheels.

2. The second major benefit of electric vehicles is that they are very easy to maintain because electric motors do have a lot of moving parts compared to combustion engines. This makes them so easy to maintain because they do not require any oil in them or air filter changes.

3. Low fuel cost is also another benefit because electricity is so much cheaper than petrol.

4. Electric vehicles are eco- friendly because they do not have an exhaust system in them which means they have zero emissions. The batteries used in electric vehicles are 100% recyclable.

5. Electric vehicles are safe to drive because they undergo the same tests as gas powered vehicles and they also have airbags fitted in them.

Cons of using electric vehicles in the courier industry

1. One of the major drawbacks of using an electric vehicle is the short driving distance. It is known that the average range on one battery charge is between 50 to 100 miles which is not good for many businesses in the courier industry as they sometimes have to deliver multiple parcels and have to travel more than 100 miles in a day.

2. The second major drawback of using an electric vehicle is the lengthy recharge time. These vehicles take a very long time to recharge compared to filling up at petrol stations.

3. The third major drawback is anxiety due to the shortage of recharging stations and limited range. People who drive electric vehicles are always concerned about running out of power en route to their destination.

4. The last drawback is the expensive battery. Batteries of electric powered are not cheap at all on the market.

Overall electric vehicles bring with them plenty of advantages to the courier industry. Not only are they economical but they are environmental friendly. Electric technology is slowly becoming affordable for everyone that even the public sector is starting to embrace the use of electric vehicles.


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