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How To Choose Universal Roof Racks

We are a company people can rely on when it comes to helping customers find the best roof racks for their cars. We have sufficient experience and knowledge to guide you in getting the ones best fitted for your vehicles. Before you go through the options we have in our shop, here's a short discussion on things to consider when choosing a universal roof rack.

What is a universal roof rack?

Universal roof racks are cargo carriers designed to carry different types of loads. The 'universal' classification pertains to the ability of these racks to carry loads of different sizes and shapes. If the plan is to use your car to carry both small and big loads in trips and vacation all year round, buying the universal type for your roof racks is probably the best option. It depends on your needs.

What's the size of your vehicle?

The size of your vehicle matters a lot. First, note that we have many available racks in our shop to support various car models such as: Citroen, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Volvo and Honda. In addition, our racks can be installed on cars, 4x4 vehicles and caravans.

With regard to the size, your vehicle has either a wide roof or one that's a bit narrower. If your car has a wide roof, universal racks with long horizontal arms are the best choice. These racks are the most versatile in terms of transporting your gears.

There's really not much of a difference between wider roofs and narrower roofs. If the vehicle is a bit smaller, the shop might recommend getting four-foot racks which are what they call the entry-level for the universal type. The load capacity of these racks cannot however be underestimated. With these racks you can carry with you your surfboards and at most four bikes. Some people can even add two kayaks as additional loads.

As the length goes up, it means the ability to carry more loads. When it comes to racks with a length of 5 feet, it will not be a problem adding two more bikes or five or six ski sets.

However, always consider the weight restrictions, which are written in the manual. It is still not the roof's width that's given prime consideration.

What's Your Priority?

Universal roof racks differ in terms of design. The different designs are there for different reasons. The racks that are shaped like blades are for people who put premium on lowering wind noise. You may see round bars. They are not the quiet type but they are easier to attach with cargo mounts. Square bars are also noisy but they are made to have that shape for them to be strong and durable. If ever you will end up with either round bars or square bars, you can lessen the wind noise by using a wind deflector.

We will be happy answering your questions. We guarantee that we will walk with you through the process of choosing the best universal racks for your vehicle.


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